Smart Fuel Anywhere

FUELIE is a smart integrated fuel logistics system. FUELIE provides app linkage to your airborne pilots, ground crew, and administrative staff. It's instant on-demand access to real-time and archived video, weather, and access control data from authorized smart devices. All in a smart, low cost, low maintenance package. Better fuel at a better price. At your helipad.

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Virtual Visual Landing System (VVLS)

The VVLS is a proprietary landing aid for assisting pilots to seamlessly transition from in-flight to landing orientation. It couples FUELIE Landing Systems proprietary helipad lighting and weather system with the FUELIE Pilot app. The Pilot app is the basis for communicating with the Fuelie system. This flight tool provides the pilot with an invaluable helicopter to helipad orientation reference for pre-visual line of sight acquisition of the target helipad TLOF.

Hyper Stabilized Base (HSB) Helicrete Helipad

The FUELIE HSB Helicrete system is a proprietary low cost high tech system for building ground-based heated helipads. This system utilizes a newly developed aggregate with a proprietary acrylic co-polymer mixed to create a Hyper Stabilized Base (HSB). The HSB Helicrete system reduces installation cost by 40-50% over traditional concrete and re-bar helipads. The HSB Helicrete system is designed to exceed the FAA's Unlimited weight standard for helipad design. FUELIE HSB Helicrete creates a simpler, better, lower cost heated helipad.

FUELIE Fuel, HSB Helicrete, and the VVLS are three integrated products with one simple goal:

Safer, better, faster VTOL operations at a lower price.

When these goals are achieved, on demand air mobility can thrive.

Only FUELIE Landing Systems brings together these three discrete proprietary technologies. A Hyper Stabilized Base (HSB) Helicrete helipad with a Virtual Visual Landing System (VVLS) enabled by Smart Mobile Fuel. All for same price of a traditional heated concrete helipad. Safer, better, faster at a lower price.

Helipads are relatively simple. Anyone who tells you otherwise is mystifying the process. Many times the person responsible for designing your helipad is neither a pilot, intimately familiar with the flight environment, or, the FAA Circular that regulates helipad construction (A/C 150/5390-2C).

Helipads are a high priced afterthought for most designers. For FUELIE Landing Systems, they are the only thing we think about. That is; how to make a safer, better, lower cost helipad that dramatically improves your helicopter or medevac operations.

VTOL operations should not be an afterthought. They must be configured as a critical component of your core revenue generating operations. They are a transportation based force multiplier that is the basis for the coming on-demand air-mobility initiative. A major consideration for any business.

FUELIE puts Smart Fuel Anywhere in robust inexpensive packages. FUELIE provides Jet A that always meets the EI1590 spec. The fuel pedigree is documented. The pilot is always assured of the quality of the fuel he puts in your invaluable aviation assets.

The FUELIE VVLS system provides the inbound pilot valuable flight to landing transition information about orientation, wind direction, and helipad condition while allowing them complete control over the helipad lighting system.

The HSB Helicrete system cuts the cost of installation over traditional concrete helipads by 40-50%. It significantly reduces installation time over traditional concrete and steel re-bar methods.

These systems combine to create something unique. Individually, they have a significant impact on VTOL operations. On an integrated basis, they create a revolution.

Safer, better, faster, at a lower price. That is our mantra at FUELIE Landing Systems.

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If you want your company to be part of the on-demand air-mobility revolution, or need or want the best helipad, heliport, or vertaport ever designed, pick up the phone and contact us.......we will be excited to talk to you about the FUELIE System!